BHV Basis (E-learning) Engels

Basic Emergency Response Training (E-learning) English

Emergency Response Training is a must for every business

The Dutch Government, as outlined in the Working Conditions Act (Arbowet), mandates that all organisations appoint at least one emergency response officer (BHV’er). In other words, it is a legal requirement. However, as an entrepreneur, you of course take the initiative to implement emergency response measures to safeguard your company and employees. Following our Emergency Response Training (BHV-training), trainees can administer first aid, extinguish a starting fire, evacuate the company, and maintain communication with emergency responders.

BHV Basis (E-learning) Engels

The benefits of our Emergency Response Training (BHV-training)


Develop an emergency response plan


Efficiently evacuate the company building


Contain and extinguish a starting fire


Notify employees, visitors and emergency responders appropriately


Recognise a dangerous situation and take prompt action


Provide first aid


Provide CPR with and without AED

Basic emergency response officer in one day

Our basic emergency response training lasts one day and includes an E-learning, covering the primary responsibilities of an emergency response officer. Topics such as first aid, fire prevention, evacuation, and communication are discussed. Recurrent training, conducted annually in a single day, ensures that emergency response skills stay current. The first part of the day focuses on refreshing life-saving first aid, while the second part concentrates on fire, evacuation, and communication components.

Taking confident action in different emergency situations

The curriculum for our emergency response training (BHV-training) involves recognising life threatening or (fire) hazardous situations and taking appropriate actions to stabilise the situation until the emergency responders arrive. No preliminary training is required to enrol, and all trainees receive a certificate upon completion. The emergency response training is offered at the DeltaSafe office in Amsterdam Noord or on-site at your organisation.  Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

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